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Ready to unlock your career? Here's your key.

We know it's intimidating to start something new. Especially something as big as your entire career. And since the first step is always the biggest, we made something for you: a Real Estate Career Starter Kit. The door to your future is right there; you can open it. And we're here to help you.

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Receive practical guidance from industry experts to build a rewarding career in real estate.

Week 1

Real Estate Career Switch Kit: If you're considering starting a real estate career, this Switch Kit is for you. Receive helpful tips and action plans to turn your passion for real estate into a career.

Week 2

Real Estate Quiz: Switching to a new career is always challenging (and scary)! Take our real estate quiz to find out how real estate could be a great career for you.

Week 3

New Real Estate Agent's 1st Year Handbook: This detailed handbook covers the basics of what you can expect in your first year as a licensed real estate agent.

Week 4

Top Questions for Brokers: Set yourself up with interviewing success. This spreadsheet will provide you with the most important questions to ask a broker during an interview.

Week 5

Social Post Creative: Social media is a great tool to boost your real estate career, so we've created a template that will allow you to create high-quality posts without a ton of effort. 

Week 6

Email Template: We've created an email template that'll make it simple and efficient for you to reach out to others in your area to make connections all over. Now networking through email is a breeze.

Week 7

21 Tips to Build and Drive Traffic to Your Website: One way to accelerate your real estate career is through a strong website. We've compiled this guide of 21 tips for driving traffic so growing your business through your website can be simple and efficient.

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Agents just like you launched their real estate careers with us. See what they have to say.

This Real Estate School is in my opinion excellent. First, the instructors are very good and explain the material very well. I took the 9 weeks online stream which gave me great flexibility so I could study at my own pace. ... Guess what, I passed first time the school exam and the National, and English is not my primary language. So, if you want to become a good Real Estate Agent, you have to study hard! There 's no other way.
I Highly recommend ASREB.

Mari G.

I must say I am satisfied with my experience with this school. They taught me everything I needed to learn to pass my exams and even helped me figure a few things out after. Michelle from the front went above and beyond when she helped me find the application that a couple other companies could not figure out. Happy I am able to count on everyone at ASREB.

Edsel O.

This is my second time trying to get my license, it was so much better at this school vice the one I did in Chandler Arizona. When I found time in my busy schedule, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the Arizona School of Real Estate and Business (Scottsdale and Glendale, AZ), and I must say it was an outstanding experience that exceeded all my expectations (I did classroom). As my wife kept asking me to get my license, so I can assist her with showing houses and meeting clients, I sought out a comprehensive and reputable institution, ASREB proved to be the perfect choice....

David M.